Holiday Yule Log

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The Green River Distillers (AKA Sealth & Friends)

Although it's reputation for precipitation is well-founded, the Seattle area doesn't get much in the way of snow in the lowlands. So when a real-life heavy snowfall (known in Minnesota as a "dusting") threatened to cripple the region's transportation portals, Dace Anderson realized the importance of quickly getting somewhere in which getting stuck would seem to be a fine choice. That place, by the way, was -and continues to be- wherever Arielle Young is. Dace wrote a song about it called "If I'm Gonna' Get Stuck (I Wanna' Get Stuck With You)".

Arielle and Dace (of Sealth) dreamed of putting together a whole album of new winter and holiday themed songs. It's been a while since we've had a new Christmas classic, why not make it ourselves? They told their friends Jim Hanna, Scott Nordell, Daniel Pellegrini, and Trevor Lind, many of whom had written their own holiday songs. The Green River Distillers was born.

Copyright 2014 Sealth
Pictures by © Scott Squire/NonFiction Media

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